The Catholic University of America



Mission Statement

The mission of the MSE program is to provide students with a sound education in materials science, advance the understanding and application of scientific principles, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and outreach programs.
In addition to ensuring that our students are exposed to modern materials science principles and have access to modern equipment and technology to support their educational experience, the program will seek to create a team-oriented environment throughout our academic enterprise. Our goal is to produce well-rounded materials scientists and engineers who can function effectively in the technical arena as well as possess the skills to assume leadership roles in industry, academia, and government.

Program Objectives

The program's objectives are to produce graduates who are:
  • Able to apply the principles of materials science for undertaking advanced engineering and/or research projects.

  • Able to know about a variety of engineering materials (including metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, and composites), and the relationships among processing, structure, properties, and performance.

  • Able to define and solve problems, especially those involving materials selection and design, and are capable of developing, implementing and evaluating solutions via integration of their basic scientific skills and knowledge.

  • Able to communicate effectively and who demonstrate the ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Able to acquire the skills at using modern engineering tools for characterization, analysis and designing of materials.

  • Able to understand their responsibility to their profession and society in a global context and who are prepared for and who will realize the importance of life-long learning.